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Monday, September 26, 2011

SEEDS - Footstool Players

Went for a sketch play (skit play) called 'Seeds' performed by Footstool Players at DUMC PJ. A short description on Seeds: 

In this special tenth anniversary production, Footstool Players revisits some of your favourite sketches from their earliest years, as well as some brand-new material. It's a delightful bagful of seeds - stories which, when planted in your heart, will grow, yield a good harvest, and feed your soul.

Seeds is a collection of 8 sketches in the style of dramatised storytelling, featuring a mix of comedy and drama. The sketches are based on incidents in the life of Jesus, parables Jesus told, and modern-day parables, each illustrating a key biblical truth - a "seed".
It was short, un-boring, clear and sharp message in each sketch, and these 'seeds' have fallen on good soil, taken root, grown well and been fruitful in people's lives. Even I have been heard it many times, taught in many Sunday classes, am edifying through their ways of appreciation, Gab and I are blessed through these sketch performances.

And I appreciated much they played a short melody relevant to the story after each sketch, it's a little thought they have in the transition interval.

I would like to share the short but wonderful lyrics for each play in today's programme:

THE SEED AND THE SOILS - by Paul & Nicole Johnson | Based on Matthew 13:3-9
A farmer sowing his seed encounters various kinds of soils.

Song: Little Bitty Seeds | Written and performed by Dan Whittemore
I want the Word to grow in m y heart like seed on fertile ground/ Watered by the Spirit and touched by the sun and living like I should until the harvest comes/ I want the Word to grow in my heart like seed on fertile ground.  

THE BIG SPENDER - by Charles M Reese | Based on Matthew 18:21-35
A high-rolling big spender gets in trouble with his creditors.

Song: Let it Go | Written by Steve Taylor, Peter Furler & Jeff Frankenstein
Will you forgive, will you forget? / Will you live what you know? / He left his rights - will you leave yours? / You won't understand it / Let it go/ will you forgive, will you forget? / will you live what you know? / Beneath the cross, you hear his words: /  "Father, forgive them / And you know / You can't understand it / Let it go

THE TAH-PAU LUNCH - by Charles M Reese | Based on John 6:1-13
A little boy discovers that the ordinary can be miraculous in the right hands.

Song: Five Loaves And Two Fishes | Written and performed by Corrinne May
So take my five loaves and two fishes / Do with it as you will / I surrender / take my fears and my inhibitions/ all my burdens, my ambitions / You can use it all / No gift is too small

THE CRACKED POT - by Footstool Players, adapted from a folk tale | Based on 2 Corinthians 4:7-12,16-18
A cracked pot struggles with its flaw.

Song: I think of You | Written and performed by Laura Story
 'Cause it was you who paid the highest price for broken jars of clay / And you still choose to use my life for your glory displayed / and I think of you who shines with endless light through broken jars of clay / And I think of you redeeming every part of each day that you've made / And I think of you

THE PEASANT PRINCESS - by Charles M Reese 
A peasant girl unexpectedly becomes a princess when she marries a prince.

Song: I know who I am | Written by Israel Houghton & Chris Tomlin | Performed by Israel & New Breed (featuring Chris Tomlin)
I was Running and you found me / I was blinded and you gave me sight / You put a song of praise in me / I was broken and you healed me / I was dying and you gave me life / Lord, you are my identity / I know who I am / I am yours / and you are mine / Jesus, You are mine.

THE DEPENDABLE SON - by Charles M Reese | Based on Luke 15:11-32
A brother becomes bitter when his sibling gets what he doesn't deserve.

Song: Restore To Me | Written by Mac Powell & David Nasser | Performed by Mac Powell & Candi Pearson-Shelton
Restore to me the joy of your salvation / Restore to me the wonders of your love / Restore to me the joy of your salvation / Restore to me, restore to me

LAY DOWN YOUR BURDEN - by Charles M Reese | Based on John 4:1-42
A woman with a past discovers a future she never expected.

Song: Come Ll You Weary | Written by Dustin Kensrue & Thrice | Performed by Thrice
Come all you weary with your heavy loads / Lay down your burdens, find rest for you souls / 'Cause my yoke is easy, my burden is kind / I'll take yours upon me and you can take mine / Come all you weary / Come gather round near me / Find rest for your souls

GOD'S CHISEL - by Eddie James & Tommy Woodard 
A man finds out that growth can be a painful thing.

Song: Anyway | Written and performed by Nichole Nordeman
You who have begun this work will someday see / A portrait of the holiness you meant for me  / Every layer of mine hides a lovely design / It might take a little patience, it might take a little time / But you called me beautiful / When you saw my shame / And you placed me on the wall / Anyway. 

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