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Monday, September 12, 2011

Merely a steward

Facebook is a wonderful platform to meet new people with same interest, especially travelling, never ending events popping up every week, you'll have no lack of companion in these outing groups. New outing albums created by friends every week, looking at their happy faces, places they went, the joy and fun they had had. You need to know, I never had sad feeling for not able to join them.

Friends, at most time I portray a negative impression of how my attitude towards spending, I should understand this. I've said: "I have budget on expenses, I can't join." to a few friends.

A caring friend counseled me through chatting box once, suggested that I should have a positive thinking on money. I am not making any positive energy to help myself overturn my negative energy if I keep on saying 'No budget.'

I understand how 'The Law of Attraction' works, and I know my God is a God of supply too, I shall lack nothing.

My buddy asked what is my attitude towards money? He has the same impression what the former friend has towards me, as a buddy, he encountered more than anyone else does. I am happy to share some of my insights.

This question arose after I told him that I actually deleted all mails sent by Groupon without even taking a glance. Another friend said: "But it's cheaper!" , "Yeah, you are right, cheaper, but they are not necessary!" I replied at once.

And so this buddy said: "You shouldn't have a negative attitude towards spending. What is your understanding of spending?"

At last, some one ask for my opinion. First, he asked do I feel bad on spending, "No, I feel good when I spend, that's how I got my new shoes, dresses and kitchen wares.

I have my financial burden, I must have the ability to make decision on certain spending, and will try the best to avoid some that are not necessary.

I see people spend happily, play happily, and try to think positive, at the same times debt increases, thinking positive and spend without planning will draw positive energy towards oneself? I doubt about it.

I take it more to the wisdom of managing my life and be responsible person to my son. I am merely a steward of God's possession. In actual, I am still learning to be better in stewardship. God's abundant blessing is more than just money, enjoyment and health.

Gosh, already a friend of mine said I am being very religious recently.... give me a clue what am I suppose to do??

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