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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old English Vs New English

Copied this from a facebook friend's status:

When I was 10 years old -

Rubber meant eraser
Gay meant happy
Straight meant linear
Making Out meant 'logical detection'
Cock meant rooster
Pussy meant cat
Stag meant a male deer
Prick meant a jab
Poke meant a nudge
Chick meant a baby hen
Screw meant a carpenter's implement 
A Tit was always for Tat!!

Damn! - English has changed so much!

Jane's note:

I asked Gab if he understands what cock means, he nodded his head and answer: 'penis', I corrected him and said:"No, it's a rooster!", then I continued to ask him the second question:"Do you know what does pussy mean?" 

He grinned and answered:"A cat." His grin has given me an answer that he does understand both old and new English well. 

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