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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Singapore Trip

It was a workshop that three of us, Debbie, Marcia and I decided to drive to Singapore. We started our journey at 2pm on Friday 6th Feb, Marcia drove all the way, it had been many years that Marcia didn't drive to Singapore, so does Debbie, as for me.... I just simply can't remember the way, hence... we missed a few junctions and we took the wrong road towards woodland instead of TUAS, well luckily the traffic jam was not that bad as we'd expected, managed to reach Bedok South in time for dinner and 1st day workshop.
~ Took photo with Shania Dayang and Sonia Lipang ~

Oh~ the moment I reached Bel's home, I gave my big hug to Lipang, Shania wasn't home from school yet, then I took a look at pictures that hung on the wall, inspecting any changes have had done by Hensen and Bel, the reason I said that, because they always rearrange furniture; Hensen loves handicraft things.... he is an handyman, he modified many decorative special and unique items.
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Here is the open gallery of Hensen's photos - Love the way he puts them, all the memories from the moment Hen and Bel were engaged.

Hensen loves cooking, he cooked most of the meals when we visit him. He learns recipes from mom and he improvises most of them, I have tasted his "improvisation'.... m.... full of surprises, most of them were very nice and some are quite delicious, as in we haven't tasted things like he mixed them, but they are totally acceptable.

Well ... Christabel loves mopping, she is the one to keep house clean, keeping everything back to its place.

There are two housekeepers in this house.

There are two cuties in this house, where they are totally an opposite...

Besides three of us, siblings in Singapore joined the Fireproof my Marriage workshop, they are Jack and Margie, Debbie's another twin Deborah, Hensen and Christabel. We were all invited by Hensen and Christabel. The workshop was fantastic and wonderfully changes our perceptions, that is God who could do this. What I feel great is that all of us come together, this never happened ever since we all became Christian, it is God who could do this! There is one whose questioned God's might, there is another one whose blamed God's plan.... this is not important, awesome is - now... we are united in God's name, we are here because of Him. We uttering of His love, His works, His will, His promises ... Singing praises and saying many "Thanks" to the Lord our God.

I enjoyed the siblings fellowship, God has given me abundantly, He is faithful!

Group photo-from left behind: Jack, Margie, Christabel, Hensen
from left front : Debbie, Deborah, Marcia and Jane

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