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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lata Kijang - Negeri Sembilan Waterfall Survivors Camp

It was held in 6-7 Dec

This was the 3rd time Gab and I join WS, each time gave us a special memories that two of us would share about in bed time, sharing about the people we met, the place, the tent, the food, the waterfall, the insect, the toilet.... Gab is extra comfortable with this Kijang waterfall, it is the tallest waterfall we've ever met, and yet it is the most shallow pool we've ever swam, this is the first time ever that Gab get so close to the fall, he is happy and excited.

Me? for sure I am happy and excited too, meeting new friends, friends that love to take photo, I love them... haha! especially Vincent and Tony, they took extra-ordinary pictures, Leo too, he took things that we usually neglected, or I should say, I usually neglected, compile all of their pictures, you could really go back to that moment again.... fantastic gang!

Thanks to all of you who made our (Gab and I) days, knitting every single memory, making our life wonderful, may God bless all of your days.

Please feel free to browse my personal web album about this Kijang Camp Travel Log, pictures that I have posted, is a compilation from Vincent, Leo, Tony, Gary, Ben, Vaani and myself.

Jane n Gab


Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you at Lata Kijang. Gab's a real cute bundle of joy. Take care.

Jane Lee said...

Tony, Thanks! I am thankful for you and Mei Ee, a fun couple!

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