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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kuala Kubu Bharu - Day Trip

It was a day supposedly to search for a suitable camp site for future outing, God is so good, he helped Ben and Mun Wah to get their dream home. In this trip Ben, May, Qi Yang, Mun Wah and me, we went after attending a Church Wedding celebration. Ben has been looking for a house, planning to move to KKB for good, because May loves this place.

Arrival of KKB Heights
We met a heavy rain on the way to KKB, the rain turned drizzle when we reached town, give thanks to the Lord, we looked for a restaurant without any hesitation, those traditional type of Kopitiam, stop for a cup of Kopi and Roti Bakar. Then took a slow walk around the street, all of us were enjoying the drizzly day.

Start our hunting journey right after the Kopi-break, that was about 4:40pm, we drove towards Selangor Dam, and saw a country bungalow in the hill, and trying to find the way to get into that place, then saw a sign board by the road side: KKB Heights bungalow/cabin lot for sale, made a call to the agent, get the location and all necessary details, we head to the country house first, was taking a few turnings, couldn't get to the place, it was gated and locked. But we have a surprise discover, we found a small village of aborigines, the village is built in a hue, the environment is quiet and peace, but I found it humid in this place, those houses and lands are not for sale. we spent about 15 minutes in this place, enjoying the tranquility of the village.

Then we went to KKB Heights, reaching there at about 7pm, everyone of us was so amazed by the fascinating scene - the sea of cloud covering in the neighbouring hue, we were greeted with the fresh cool air. That was really gorgeous! Ben and Mun Wah took the layout plan from a guard, looking for the perfect lot, but many are taken, especially those we think is perfect spot, at this hill top, where you could see the sun rise and sun set. it is too good to leave this place, we spent about an hour at this place. leaving at about 8pm.

When the night breaks in, mist everywhere, as in we are at Genting Highlands,
....I should say - way much better than Genting Highlands.

Check this place out at this site: KKB Heights

And the web album for this trip: KKB Heights - Dream Home

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