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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Five Love Languages

To all the friends who are willing to 'choose' to live a loving life. This is my 3rd time reading the book, this time in english, which I could share with people around easily, why do I say so, because I am too lazy to type in mandarin, somehow english is easier.

The first time I read this book, it was last year, I am very much agreed with, and totally believe any one could live with any one, this take effort and action, no doubt it is a lesson for everyone out here with flesh and emotion...and with blood. I encourage you to buy this book from Focus on the Family bookstore at PJ SS13, it is worth of investment, read this book, you will find the key to live a successful marriage.

I believe 'Love' is a choice, it is an 'Action', you need to put in effort in order to attain it, don't give up, let us press on to make our lives wonderful.

Marriage Myth: Married life is unhappy life.

Fact: Studies show that married people have better emotional and physical health, longer lives, greater sexual satisfaction,
greater incomes, and more accumulated wealth.

"Being sincere is not enough. We must be willing to learn our spouse’s primary love language if we are to be effective communicators of love.

My conclusion after thirty years of marriage counseling is that there are basically five emotional love languages—five ways that people speak and understand emotional love. However, there may be numerous dialects. The important thing is to speak the love language of your spouse.

Communicating love isn’t as easy as feeling “in love,” because it’s quite a different thing. Falling in love is not an act of the will or a conscious choice. It’s effortless. One who is “in love” is not genuinely interested in fostering the personal growth of the other person. If the euphoric pleasure of being “in love” never ended, we might never experience true love and meaningful communication.

Love is something you do for someone else, not something you do for yourself. Most of us do many things each day that do not come “naturally” for us. For some of us, that is getting out of bed in the morning. We go against our feelings and get out of bed because we believe there is something worthwhile to do that day. And normally, before the day is over, we feel good about having gotten up. Our actions preceded our emotions.

The same is true with love. We discover the primary love language of our spouse, and we choose to speak it whether or not it is natural for us. You might not love the language itself, but speaking it will clearly communicate love to your spouse.

Love is a choice. And either partner can start the process today. ' by Dr. Gary Chapman

About Dr. Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages - by Dr. Gary Chapman

You’ve read the book – now talk about it!
If you have read The Five Love Languages
you no doubt want to put its ideas into action in
your marriage or special relationship, and you
want to talk about these ideas with your mate.
Here, chapter by chapter, are some printable
discussion starters for both couples and groups.

The Five Love Languages Study Guide pdf

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