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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Medi Mission Trip to Cemara Island

A medi mission trip to Cemara Island. Francis Hoo, Ps Sonny, Ps Yu, bro Fu Wei, bro Gabriel Ng, Doctor Wong, Margaret, Jessy, Vi Jay and me. 20th Aug, driving down to JB. Pastor Yu and friends drove from Setiawan, met us (me and Francis) in Subang Jaya at 2pm, after lunch head down to JB FGC, arriving at 6pm, right after the get-to-know session, went for dinner with Pastor Kim Tai, we separated into two groups, arr....basicaly are men and women groups, stayed a night in Pastor Sonny and Pastor Kim Tai's house. Off for Batam on 21st Aug Thursday early in the morning, of course, we went for a delicious breakfast.

2nd arrival in Batam, meeting new friends and full time workers, get to know their ministries and out reach. Visited a small local children 'church' in Bengkong, and shopped for material needed in Cemara Island.

Batam mission trip : 20th - JB and 21st Aug 08 - Batam

In the 22nd morning, the sky was cloudy, everyone was worrying about the trip would have to delay for this bad whether. True enough... we were hit by a stormy and windy whether while we were on the long way (an hour drive) to local 'small' jeti. Amazingly the rain stopped when we arrived, everybody was praising God! Amen for that.

First day in Cemara Island, we held a klinik at 3pm, and kids time in Noah ministry. There were about 40 patients came. And at my side, there were about 20 kids in the class, we sang songs, we sang malay and english songs with action and dance, also played a short skit - I am Special, due to shortage of artists, everyone in this trip accept Doctor Wong, Jessy, Margaret and Vijay, they have to set up the clinic at the school class room, the rest had to play a role, featuring : Fu Wei - Snail ( he was real slow snail), Gabriel - Miss Tortoise(hahaha, 'she' was beautiful 'girl'), Ps Yu - The Fish( poor fish), Francis -the butterfly(keke, 'it' was a Jumbo butterly), and Ps. Sonny - The Cat(oh! I like the cat, so did the children!). Oooh! o_O~ guess what? They were good actors and 'actress', haha! The kids enjoyed the performance, we didn't have enough time for rehearsal, it was all about spontaneous, they have done well, pretty well. We have a craft session right after the skit - 'I am Special' photo frame, it is the first time ever they were teach to do craft. The duration of today's session was about 2 hours. Praise the Lord. Things had done according to the plan.

God is good all the time - short video clip on the boat.

23 Aug 9am - 11am Klinik time as well as Children story time. There were about 12 kids attended today, I shared the 'Wordless Book'. Thankfully all of them invited Jesus at the end of the story, which I strongly believe the gospel seed has been sowed in their tiny heart. Praise the Lord of his great work and of His grace. After lunch in Noah's center, while we were waiting for the boat, we had extra ordinary fellowship time, friends from Indonesia sang us a few beautiful songs, and also singing english praise and worship songs together, wonderful time, and most important thing - it was raining that time, arhhh~! As soon as the rain stopped, we loaded all of our luggage and saying good bye to our friends in Cemara Island.

As soon as we back to Batam Jessy and I visited single-mom house, to share some of God's word and testimonies to encourage them, I did a short sharing then we prayed for them.

24th Aug first english service at 7am for missionaries. Second service 9am preached by Pastor Yu, I was in another building for Children Ministry, telling stories and did some ballooning!

Annie and Retno, Annie is in Children Ministry, Retno is in Single mom ministry

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