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Thursday, August 16, 2018

How about Healthy Lunch?

Starting a day with a healthy breakfast is great, we have learnt many benefits not to skip breakfast, Herbalife nutrition drink is my best choice since last year October when I started weight loss program, this program has helped me lost 12kg in weight and dropped 12% of body fat in total.
Not to mention of the visceral fat has also reduced to a healthy level.

Hope Nutrition Club in Subang Jaya USJ 10
Because of its high quality cellular nutrition, in the meantime I have found that many of my health issue has improved due to the right concept of healthy lifestyle, it has helped me to drop some of my bad diet habits and practice the correct lifestyle. 

I am now partnership with another 2 friends, we started our Herbalife nutrition club in Subang Jaya, 29-01, USJ 10 / 1G, just next to Tokyo Kitchen, this is also a mini trampoline studio which offers trampoline jumping classes. Find more details from Hope V-Jumping or follow me
If I can make myself a healthy breakfast from home before going to work, how do I settle my healthy lunch? 

I have also came across many who are looking for Herbalife nutrition club that opens for lunch, contact me via facebook for any special arrangement, we would like to give you the best help.

Personal help on meal planning and weight management

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