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Sunday, October 25, 2015

耶稣爱你 大提琴和小提琴二重奏 音乐歌谱 Jesus loves me

这是其中一首SCF Kingdom Kidz会在10月24日的儿童主日敬拜与6岁以下的儿童合唱时伴奏的乐谱,简单扒出来的乐谱,希望其他教会的小朋友也能蒙福。

意想不到一些小状况让我无法以 PDF 的方式存档,唯有用PNG的照片模式存档,希望读者们能够轻易读谱。

This is a music sheet of Jesus Loves You (Mandarin piece) simple duet for cello and violin, one of the piece that SCF Kingdom Kidz will be performing on 24th October children day celebration Sunday. It is also an accompaniment to a group of below 6 children choir group. Posted it up to bless others who wish to play. 

Sadly something went wrong with the software which I am having problem saving it as PDF! As the Chinese characters went square instead of words. Hence saving as PNG is my only option. Hopefully it is clear enough for musicians to read. 

耶稣爱你 小提琴与大提琴双重奏 音乐谱 

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