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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pail hunt

Pail, pail pail...

Where are you?

I've been searching high and low,

Are you in the backyard? Are you in the ville?

Will I find you in the blue? Will I find you in the hue?

Walk across harvested field.....

 Oh, I found a pail, but it has already filled;

I tried to fill, but only allow to fill in some fro,

no use, it blown away when wind starts to blow...

Walk across the flowing river....

Oh, I found a pail, but the pail is cracked;

I tried to fill, and I saw a tack,

no use, it seeped away and I had a setback...

Pail, pail oh pail...

Not only fro, not only trail would I want to fill,

not only song, not only joy would I want to feel,

my heart and soul......where could they still?

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