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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Fairy Tale for grown ups.

European Films screening @ HELP University College

13 March 2011
Pan’s Labyrinth
Dir: Guillermo del Toro; Spain, 2006, 119mins
Accompanied by her pregnant mother, Ofelia moves from a large Spanish city to a rural area in the North of the country. Faced with the upheaval of moving home, an abusive stepfather and the general unpleasantness surrounding Franco's victory in 1944, Ofelia enters an imaginary world of creatures and demons in a bid to escape. Ofelia soon finds that an entire universe exists below a mill. Her guide is a persuasive faun. As her mother grows weaker and her stepfather becomes more brutal, Ofelia spends more and more time in the satyr's labyrinth. He offers to help her out of her predicament if she'll complete three treacherous tasks. Ofelia is willing to try, but does this alternate reality really exist or is it all in her head?

Jane's note:
Watching a German movie sounds cool to me! I've watched Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Thailand, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian and Taiwanese, and now another level up to German. 

It wasn't as bore as what people have in their mind towards German's movies, the storyline was beyond your imagination, when it says this is a fairy tale for grown ups, it really meant it. There are many scenes that are gruesome...well, to my extend! Like poking direct to a man's face, piercing the face from inside of one's mouth, hammering, bla bla.... in my custom, I would choose to close my eyes before even allow myself to see these happen, but... too bad, the action took place in a lightening speed, too late to close my eyes, horrifying. 

This is the movie for me. 

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