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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A day in UH emergency room

At about 4:45am got a call from sister-in-law that my dad is vomited blood, the first thing I did was knelt down on my knee and ask God for protection, this is my first instinct whenever I have something that is beyond my control, and also confess my sin for anything that I have not done good enough to love my dad ( :p). I got washed up and had myself changed, rush to my brother's house. Indeed they were trying to get me as earlier as 4:30am, somehow my handphone is having problem of shutting off by itself recently, hmmph, quite a many things need to be fixed since last month, well it is ok, they will be fixed sooner and later, not that big deal to me.

Dad was not able to walk due to his giddiness after the vomit. I got to find out more after in emergency ward, he fell down from bed when he realized that he wanted to vomit, he was not given enough time to gain his strength after a short woke up from bed, he is injured with an open wound at the back of his head, he crawled to toilet and vomited, and then he called for help, that is what happened in this very morning.

Ambulance arrived as soon as I reached there, I hurry ran up to his room and saw his condition was quite bad, 2 ladies doctors and 2 men, one of them is a driver, emergency at first is not what we've seen from ER series.... first reaction was 'Aiyoh, susah lah!', 'Hey, tidak boleh mengatakan ini!' (A big sigh in my heart! I tried to be considerate perhaps.... fine.) And I followed my dad on ambulance ride, helping them to open some packaging and handling some minor things which they had problems in the bumpy ride and especially on gloves. (why has it be so bumpy?)

Soon enough we arrived to UH Emergency Department, many injections done, (The word 'emergency' doesn't really fit in their way of handling, I tried to be considerate though...... perhaps..... fine.) after about 3 hours of monitoring, he was cleaned up and push for a scan and endoscopy, and there we waited it was about 8am, no worker told us where to wait, where my dad will be going till we asked a worker that he will be warded to where and where, we waited till 11am.

Dad looked fine when we found him resting in his ward-bed, and we checked that there were some blood stained in his pillow, his wound is not treated, till I talked to a nurse about this, and guess what I got? 'Apa you nak?' I thought they suppose to know what to do then I tell her what we want her to do, that was rude, of course I talked to her nicely what I want afterall she is going to take care of him for days, I don't want my dad to suffer more. She just got me a few wet cottons and passed to me, I was like '????? thanks!', I washed it, but too scare to see the long cut scar, I asked another nurse to check for him, and she got a few medication and bandage to cover the wound. Thank goodness, finally got this done for dad. So heartache.

The report shows that he has ulcer in ??? not sure where, didn't got the right position from my brother yet, he was too tiring, he was there the whole day till evening, I just knocked and say understand.... he was way too tiring, actually we do, my mom too...

In Him we trust, continue to pray for healing and protection.

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