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Friday, August 7, 2009

Youth Alpha Deco Team

SCF (Subang Christian Fellowship) that is the church I am attending, is holding Classic Alpha and Youth Alpha during June - Aug, I do not join Classic Alpha due to the time held crashes with teaching time, the first thought I had is to join Youth Alpha, and in charge of the decoration task, in this deco team, I have one wonderful partner, Kooi Sai Ng, he is in animation line, he loves creative ideas and he has lots of them, I am so thankful for him, apart from his never ending ideas, he is also a doer, enjoyed working with this partner, he is observance about things need to do, and very automatically to get things done.

Every week we 'ding dong' (sending emails, this is a term I learned from Pastor Jacinta, a fun and joyful lady) about ideas we have had in mind, and 'ding dong' about things needed for decoration, and 'ding dong' to ask friends of us to lend us things that they have, thanks to Choo Yean and Ashley, they often offered their belongings for deco, and specially give thousands of thanks to Sis Yee Neo and Sis Elaine, they are so devoted, cos they offered up their 'gar chang', even borrowed from neighbour as she did in Indian Fever, Yee Neo borrowed many of Indian traditional staff and cooking wares for deco.

Another level up, Kooi Sai and me went to Elaine's house in Shah Alam to 'lap' (grapped) her 'gar chang'(gear) yesterday night, Kooi Sai was so amazed with the things Elaine has in house, they are just perfect for the ''Italian themed'' Saturday night and ''Home Sweet Home'', we felt 'pai seh' (embarrassed) about 'cleaning up her kitchen', we took ceramic pot, artificial flowers, bottle of olive oil, cooking ladder and spatular, tray, pictures, wine stand, baskets and many more.... phewww.... Johnny gor, so sorry about that!! Please forgive us!

Then we headed to Debbie house, to get 'Tabasco' sauce, hahaha, that is the level we've gone up to. Praise the Lord, without Kooi Sai persistence, I think I will still sitting at home...

Thank you for the team and the opportunity to be in the team, included Daniel Wong, Paul Lim they always be there to help up, in order to ease the burden load, they will just do whatever for the team, not to forget Siow Wei, Joel Hoo, Zoe Hoo, David Khor, Joel Khor, Desmon, and Desmond, m... sorry if I didn't mention your name(s), thanks to you all once again.

I really felt encouraged whenever they mentioned ''deco team has done a good job'', just that don't forget, it is not 'my' team, don't mention just my name, but ''The Deco Team'' ( haven't thought of a group name for this, will discuss with Kooi Sai, so we will feel more belonging, haha)

Till now, I am thankful for the gifts that God has given to me, though they are not scoring full mark in each area, but I will tell God, I try my best to do what He gives, may His name be glorified.


Jane Lee

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