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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backpacking preperatory trip

Suddenly I have the urge to bring Gabriel for a trip, some kind of backpacker trip (semi-backpacker) I am always wanted to take him to Italy one day in future, both of us backpack to Vienna, my dreamland.

For the first step to my 'wanted', I think now is best time to make my first move in the plan, start with the place that I can communicate well, Malaysia. There are still many places in Peninsula I have never been to.

I spent the whole afternoon msn with Christabel discussing about my first trip with Gabriel on coming holiday. Initial plan was to go Cameron with Gabriel staying in guest house for 2 or 3 nights, the plan was pended because mom said it is too dangerous to drive with the 12 years old car, alright reason accepted, so looking for another destination. My choice was somewhere not in Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Christabel came out with a brilliant idea, '' Let's go to Singapore!'', ''Crazy!'' we both laughed. Then she suggested another destination: '' Genting Highlands!''........ '' what? Go backpack in Genting Highlands?'' Laughed again.

So ... she did the search for me, and suggested Penang, m... that sounds good, the last time I went was secondary graduation trip, long long time ago, and I was actually sitting in the bus through the journey, get down only when meal time, it was too hot, I was too lazy.... gained lots of weight in that trip.

Good, so I decided to go Penang, the air fare is reasonable, now go for the budget hostel search.

After the checking on air ticket fares and room rate, we paused looking at the total amount, we both had the same thought:''wow, expensive for the trip!'', This thought had made me thought of giving up, just equally good go for a camping! After awhile, I told her, I really wish to go for this try, never mind, we look for another cheaper accommodation, so we found YMCA, quite reasonable, with promo price RM 30 pernight per-person.

I was a dummy on this kind of planning, through my life at least days before today, I have never went for a trip that I had to do the planning and booking, this is real my first time, when the moment I got everything set, with the help of Christabel, that almost took us 3 hours.... now, is time to make payment, wow, I have never done this before, felt exciting when I clicked 'made payment', something can not go backwards, oooh, somehow .... just a 'click', done the booking on air tickets, next room booking, done less than 3 minutes.

First time in my life!! (I did it!)

Have to start planing my trip now, searching high and low, left and right, for places to go.

lovely experience.
Jane Lee

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