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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Penang prep-backpacker trip: Day 1 arrival

A 3 day 2 night semi-backpacker trip, I have decided not to take taxi and keep everything in low expenses, no buying, but only food and drinks, I wasn't quite sure if I can go without buying, sounds phenomenal to myself, have to remind myself not to take taxi, not to buy anything, and also tell Gab about this 'backpacker spirit'.

The flight was at 8am, got to check-in at 6:30am, ma and pa gave us a ride to airport, so thankful to their support, we leave at 6am from home.
Penang International Airport is 'not so small', and bus stand is just at the door step, waited for 20 minutes for 401E Transit Link, which could bring us to Georgetown and jetty, but we got down in Komtar main station, planed to go to YMCA first.

I was quite nervous at that time, didn't know the direction and didn't take time to sit down and check out our location, just walking around Prangin Mall, for a second, I asked a man about how to go YMCA, he was kind, he told me how far is from Komtar to YMCA, he even told me how much time I needed section by section, means : "From here to this road take 15 minutes, from this road to this junction needed to walk 15 minutes, a total is 45 minutes, oh it is too far, better take a taxi, in Penang, taxi don't go by meter, taxi driver might ask for RM15, but you bargain to RM10, you know .... life for taxi driver is tough, they might not get a passanger on the way back...bla bla bla." You know he really is kind, he saw us, a lady and a kid, so he gave a good suggestion, so.... we took taxi to YMCA. Taxi driver said: " Chap di kor!" and I replied: "Chap kor!" then he agreed with the price. Sigh! luckily I know some simple Hokkien leh!

You know, the distance is really near! for RM10, m... not quite happy with that, some more broke one of the backpacker's rules on the arrival, ooh, so discouraged!

YMCA international Hostel, located in Jln Macalister, opposite Island Hospital, the room is clean, toilet is clean, towels, coffee, TV, air-conditioned, free breakfast, RM60 for two of us, good price!

After settle down, and took a short rest, at about 11am, we walk along Jln Macalister towards Komtar direction, the weather was good, not sunny, which I kept giving thanks to God. We came to the first restaurant, and saw an old lady tricycle hawker, selling Koay Teow T'ng for just RM2, without any hesitation, both of us ordered this, Gab and I love Koay Teow - flat rice noodles.

Small bowl of Koay Teow T'ng, but am happy!

I love toasted bread: "Yin Yong Xiu Min Bao" (toast bread with kaya and butter spread) "Zhar set" (one set) for RM1.40

"Kopi O" Malaysian dark coffee, most of Penang "Kopi Tiam" (Restaurant) are traditional restaurants, seldom hire foreign workers, like this Kopi O, prepared by chinese old lady, "hor lim" nice to drink.

Then we kept walking... starting a backpacker journey from this moment.

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