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Monday, June 15, 2009

Reconcile friendship

Losing a friendship can be extremely difficult. Depending on the length of the friendship and the nature of what happened between the two of you, it can be a long time before you finally reconcile your disagreement. However, you both can move on past negativity and resentment. Follow these steps to speed up the reconciliation process and begin to heal the wounds caused by your disagreement. (How to Reconcile a Friendship by eHow Relationships & Family Editor)

Friendship starts with an acquaintance, then building relationship, it does not just happen, it takes time to know each other, to understand their habits, character, mind and insight, building up a good and strong relationship, is like a fine gold, it has to go through a few burnings before it is called 'fine gold'.

To build a friendship needs a lot of communication, misunderstanding happen when there is a break in the conversation, things can be settled when both party are willing to pour out then to forgive and forget.

I am blessed, to be able to have a friendship reconciled. Went for a movie yesterday with a friend after two months of 'icy period', I am thankful for her effort, and willing to forgive and forget.

And everyone has different definition of friendship, some like to classify as best friend, I am quite reserved for that, I found that I have difficulty to quote a 'best friend'... hmm... though I will still tell someone's name, but later when I think through, .... my best friend... hard.... because they are all my close friends, who is the best? they are all the best, they come into my life at different time, they are equally important for me during that period of time, and I treat them as who I am, I tell them all of me, and I tell them what I think of them ...sometimes did hurt them, this is what to be said: True Friend. Treasure every friendship, though sometime I may have some comments on them, well, I am not a perfect best friend to them either.

At last I found out who is my best friend.... my family, who know me best, and I know them best, who accept who I am, and I accept who they are, we quarrel, but we love each other, when I have problems I run to them the first, when I am sad, they are the first one to know, we don't do things together, but we have great time when we get together, I love my family, they are my best friends.

1 comment:

jltc said...

i like the above post.
however i note you have difficulty in defining who is your best friend. i suppose that is quite subjective. I believe it is possible for one to have best friend or friends,and that which might not be many. however true friend is quite difficult to find, in my opinion, but not impossible David found his in Jonathan.

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