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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does God need a 'Work Frame'?

Everybody reads, attends countless of seminars and workshops, listening to their experiences, absorbing their insights, enlarging your knowledge, and understanding. The world is so big, people are numbers, what you read, affect what you think, who do you connect with, affect your behavior, your mind changes to what you've listened, what kind of frame do you put in your life-picture?

Mankind like to put frame in their life, I could understand it, because mankind are limited, how can oneself know of everything?

But I am curious about why do people put up frame for God? I don't understand. I might not express well here, just trying my best to write out my insight, talking about sharing insight, sigh, don't deny, this always bring me troubles when I try to share my insight, one of my friend doesn't like this idea, and tries not to share too much of personal insight, I understand it, and pretty much agree with the statement. But... it is my blog any way, not many will read (I guess!) you will never please everyone.

God, someone I get to know just 8 years ago, I don't know Him much, m....what I know is limited, He is deep, really deep though He is just right inside my heart, He is awesome, so awesome that I amazed on His works, He works miracles, I may not know all, but one is good enough to tremble, He works new thing, who can tell what is going to happen? who can tell how He is going to do?

I have heard many of preachers, pastors, deacons talked about God (not all, but many to my experience) they shared about God does this, and that, God is so great, I'd loved to know Him more; Somehow one or a few statement they made are something I know is happening around me, but they said: 'GOD DOES NOT WORK IN THIS WAY' 'NO SUCH THING OF THIS.... AND THIS.....' hmmmm...... I wonder why they are so sure about it? But ... for what I know, God does thing like that, God already had worked this thing in somebody's life, it is their real life experience, who can deny? how can they be so irresponsible to put out statement like this for God? Who are they? Who can fathom God's wisdom?

Then, worst thing come later, once the statement came out from their mouth, people who attend this seminar or workshop, will have an invisible frame for God's work.

We really have to be careful of what we read, and listen. Be a wise audience, a wise disciple, and wise children of God, God is unlimited, God works thing in His own way, not base on what our experiences, you may not experience all the 'weird' thing, (sorry, sometime He works thing out of our imagination, what is the better way to describe? ) but it doesn't mean 'He does not work in this way', please don't put a frame to God's almighty, how foolish you are if you believe God 'won't work thing in this way or that way', our responsibility is to TRUST, and put everything into prayer, and WAIT patiently.

Something is really hard for me to imagine, I need to learn to wait for this thing to become 'a past', some may say 'God won't work in this way', because they did not have this experience. I considered myself little faith, therefore I searched around and found that 'YES, God works in this way', and it is still happening... it depends on what kind of frame I put into my life, but I definitely won't put a frame to JESUS, the LORD my Almighty God.

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