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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home is where my heart is

After a week away from home, really miss the smell of it, not only me, so does Gabriel.

Arrived in Singapore Airport at 11:35pm, it was 25 minutes earlier, but because of the health inspection in Singapore Custom while Jefferey ( a young adult from FGC JB ) and friends drove in to fetch us, they were stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours, they arrived Singapore Budget Airport at 1:45am.

Supposedly we will stay a night in Angela Bruyns' house, we changed our plan to drive home straight after we had supper in Pelangi town's famous 'Curry Chicken Feet' and 'Roti Canai Garing' that was almost 3 am in the morning. Really have to apologize to Christine, for she had been waiting us in Angela's house the whole night, and she even brought us some goodies, so sorry for the change of plan.

Ben drove all the way, only had a short toilet break, reached Putra Heights at 6:35am for brother Tom and sister Jacinta, then me, Pastor Tommy and brother Richard in USJ. Guess Ben's machine broke down right away he reached home. Thank God for the save journey.

Missing Gab so much, somehow, when the first sight I had in him, I felt so much thankful for him, such a wonderful, sentimental son God has given to me, I am blessed.

He missed our home, so did I, we went home right away this morning, I noticed one beautiful thing of Gabriel, he took a deep breath immediately I opened our house' main door, he walked in as he is new in this place, while he walked to the dinning table, he said: ' Oh, our table will get busy and messy again!' (* grump! why did he say that! hmmph)

He took a glimpse to the inside of washroom, then walked to our room, cuddled himself in his blanket, turned on the air-con, there he sleeps......then .... he slept for 2 hours.

There is no place like home.

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