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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strata Come Again - Day Trip

Strata Day Trip Group Photo

Utter frankly, this was rather big and heavy for Gabriel, i was worrying all the way, first, he wasn't in a proper shoes- slippery, and there were many rock climbing, I was in prayer mood all the way, though. 2nd, I forgot to do one important thing, to bring our lunch, but really thankful of those who shared their food. 3rd, it's raining, Gabriel was very cold, I was under packed, I used to bring rain coat but this time i missed. He was complaining all the way, about this muddy road, slippery rocks, cold, and leeches...

Adventurous part was after the river changed colour, and the water level going up in a flash, all of us ran to the bank, looking for the higher ground, then started realized, this is not the way we came up, and it is impossible to cross the river back to the trail. We have to open a path way, a few heroes among us, dashing up and down, cutting thru the bushes, some are thorny - without parang. They are true survivor, give them a salute!

For this trip, Gabriel and I having a chance to experiencing the river swell, the muddy abseiling, and slide. And I had a chance to teach Gabriel to face difficult situation in a positive way.

Thanks to all the heroes, you have given us an unforgetable memories. May God bless you all!

Please feel free to go to this link for clearer story.
Most of the photos were taken by me, only some took by friend's camera, i did a simple compilation into a Strata Come Again Trekking Log.


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