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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

High Praise Worship Sunday

Two weeks ago, SCF had a special program on Sunday service, High praise worship Sunday. When I was walking in I saw lights were not turn on fully, only left the front three rows of lights and stage were on. 

Slightly surprised me, as this never happened before. 
And we stacked up 2/3 of the chairs in the sanctuary, left only three front rows of chairs, covered floor with straw mats. Everyone was to gather in the front area, mostly youngster sat on the floor, left those elders seated on chairs. 

This day, worship songs one after another, then followed by message from God, continued by endless worship music, everyone dwelling in the presence of God and holy spirit moved freely in the hall. 

This given me enough of time to communicate with God in spirit where I seldom spare time for God, this is really my lacking... 

At least I am benefited on this day of High Praise Worship Sunday. My spirit is renewed after given out all my best to worship Him alone. 

Subang Christian Fellowship (SCF)
Bilingual Church in Subang Jaya 

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