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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why do I take Herbalife?

I have never interested to take supplements, never had I finish a bottle of calcium, even though I bought a new bottle of Amway or Usana calcium, I never finished them once, ended up throwing away due to expiration. 

I learnt to know Herbalife when a few of my church friends surprised me with their new look of weight reduced tremendously in just two months, even this I never bothered to ask how, it was my cousin who told me that she paid RM149 for me to start this weight lost program. 

Although it is paid for but I was quite reluctant to go, going to nutrition club every morning at 7:15am!!!! 

On the first day they did the measurements and explain to us about why taking nutrition and the correct concept of lose weight healthily, I realized this can be done!! 

In fact I was quite helpless seeing myself getting fatter day by day, I wish to get slim but don’t like the idea of paying slimming centre, usually costs you a big lump!

When I started the program in October 2nd, and also bought extra set to have another nutrition meal during snack time, because I love the nutrition shake so much! It is so delicious. 

After the 10+1 day program, sadly I didn’t lose much kg..... less than 1 kg. I think was because I did not follow Meal plan properly. 

But one think I learnt was about this term - cellular nutrition, I started to google it, reading articles regarding it. And I learnt about self-healing power. All about supplying enough nutrients to our body on daily basis, our cells will work wonders to our bodies, God has created us in such a way that cells have self-healing power. 

I scalded my left whrist in August, I liked to take closer look to how the skin patch healed day by day, very amazing, I don’t know how it works, but seeing it changing and recovering day by day just amazed me. 

Cellular Nutrient is important to us, many chronic sicknesses are due to malnutrition, day by day, bit by bit ... 

Don’t let it happen, replenish while we still have the choice, I rather spend money on Nutritional food then medicines. 

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