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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Coffee Enema Thermomix Recipe

Did my first Coffee Enema last night, it was awesome! I used Thermomix to help control time and temperature for boiling. 

1) Add 2 liter of water, bring to a boil at 
     105℃ / speed 2.5

2) Stop the cooking while Sprinkle 2 heap spoons of coffee powder then continue to cook.
     mc3 min / 100℃/ speed 2.5
Without measuring cup, because it will splatter.

3) Then turn the temperature to 
     20 min / 98℃ / speed 2.5 

4) Sieve the liquid, Pour half portion in a bottle, let it cool then refrigerated for future use.

5) Add water to top up another half portion of coffee liquid till 1 liter, allow the temperature drops till 37℃, you may now start the process of coffee enema.
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