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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Handmade Natural Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balm for Chapped lips

Lip Balms for Chapped lips treatment 

My niece has been suffering from chapped lips and sensitive problems, the most serious days were her lips both swollen badly. She has tried using commercial lip balms and some handmade lip balms. Yet this sweet almond oil lip balm really surprised her, good effect even the next day you can see the result.

I have the same experience after using my first handmade sweet almond oil lip balm, after a few days, I no longer needed to apply every hour, probably once in 3-4 hours time.

If you are not the DIY person, here I am selling freshly made Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms.

Buy handmade natural lip balm for chapped lips here!

Jane's Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms each RM18 

【Limited Time Promo】 Buy 5 free 1 - Postage excluded

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【Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balm】
Weight :4g 
Ingredient:Sweet Almond Oil、VE capsule、Unrefined Bee Wax
Efficacy:Moisturizing replenishment,repair and improve skin conditions
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place, best in refrigerator.
Expiry :<25 12="" 2="" for="" months="" refrigerated="" span="">
note:To exclude of using essential oils in lip balms for pregnancy and baby usage upon request.

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