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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Handmade Natural Lip Balm new batch

 Received a call from a church friend, that I gave her two lip balm sticks in my first making, as I know her daughter is suffering from chapped lips even in her young age, and she couldn't use commercial lip balm which those will worsen her condition. 

After a few days of applying my handmade lip balm, her daughter loved it, even her friend is having the same problem used it for one time, they loved the texture and the soothing effect of this lip balm.

New batch for new order. Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balms for chapped lips, natural handmade lip balms, I used cherry blossom essential oil this time.


新订单,新制作纯天然手工护唇膏,干裂嘴唇加强护理好帮手, 这一次启用了樱桃香精油。

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