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Sunday, June 19, 2016

My first Uber ride experience

On the Saturday morning, needed to fetch Gab for tuition, though I have been a Uber driver since 1st June, but I haven't tried a trip as a Uber rider, this day I planned to give it a try, called a ride even though Gab didn't agree to go for it, I told him better go now, the Uber driver is waiting at guard house now. 

It took about 10 minutes upon arrival, which I can see the route from uber app, and notification alert about completion, I wrote a comment "Thank you for fetching my son to tuition" to thank the uber driver, as a driver myself, I appreciate much the effort of every driver. 

Gab sent a message to me:
It was really a surprise to both of us, can't believe it is true, especially Gab, too bad he didn't take a "wefie" with Tan Sri Abdul Wahid. 

The news about why Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Uber drive.


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