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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Homemade Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup is used in many Chinese dessert, one of the recipes that calls for golden syrup is traditional moon cakes. I used to buy from confectionery store one bottle 700g for RM4.60 and some I bought at RM6.90, the difference from homemade I could tell is aroma is stronger and colour is darker (cooked longer) for homemade. 

It isn't hard to cook in Thermomix. I did a comparison between traditional way of cooking golden syrup, we need to use a brush to "water" the pot to prevent syrup from cristalize whereas Thermomix is just the 3 circles!!! 

Thankful of Madeline shared her recipe with us, this encouraged me to try on my own to cooking golden syrup, if you could compare the way cooking in pot, Thermomix rocks!!

the Three Circles on front panel: Time, Temperature and speed

Thermomix Recipe

Homemade Golden Syrup 
750g Water 
1000g Sugar
1 pc Lemon, sliced 

1) Place all ingredients into TM bowl to cook
     mc / 75 min / V / speed 2 

2) Using chopsticks to remove lemon slices, let it cool before storing in a sterilised jar. 



750克 水
1000克 糖 
1 粒柠檬,切片

      量杯 / 75 分钟 / V / 速度2

2) 取出柠檬片,待凉后装进消毒后的瓶子。

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