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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nian Gao Thermomix Recipes

At times, every started to homemade Nian Gao.
Niangao direct translated as year cake or Chinese New Year's cake, is a dessert prepared from glutinous rice. While it can be eaten all year round, traditionally it is most popular during Chinese New Year - Nian Gao is rhyme with A year taller or a year better, brings good fortune to someone. 

The above photo is a week-old Nian Gao, the longer you keep, the darker it will become, hence do not have to be curious of your NianGao presents to be pale in colour on the first few days. 

This NianGao was made in year 2015, it was using TM31. After a month that it has becoming harden in the outer layer, I kept it in freezer. Best is slice it before keeping, easier to proportion the amount whenever you need it.

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Nian Gao


500g Glutinous Flour
500g Water
350g Brown Candy 片糖 (you may replace with Molasses Sugar or just brown sugar)
50g Brown Sugar, or Gula Melaka (has better taste)

1500g Water


1) Place brown candy and gula Melaka to mill
    mc / 2 sec / Turbo   x 2 times

2) Add 500g water to boil
    mc / 7 min / 100°C / speed 2
    Set aside to let it completely cool

3) As soon as the syrup temperature drops to room temperature, add glutinous rice flour and oil to mix well
    mc / 1 min / speed 4

4) Pour mixture into a tin that wrapped with banana leaves. Allow the banana leaves to bend outward and secure with a string, as glutinous rice will pull inward and shrink as it gets dryer and harder, this will wringle the outer rim.
5) In a clean TM bowl, add 1500g water, stack Varoma Dish in position with glutinous mixture tin to steam.
    60 min / Varoma / speed 1

7) The colour of Nian Gao will only turns into darker tone after a few days

8) By then you may trim away extra banana leaves. Remove Nian Gao from the tin and keep in a dry place.

Print Recipe: Jane's Nian Gao

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