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Friday, June 19, 2015

Anchovy Noodle Soup Base 江鱼仔面汤底

Preparing salt-packed anchovies (ikan bilis) for soup base.
This type of anchovy is fresher and better quality than those soaked in oil.

Fillet the fish, discard heads and bones. 


Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Anchovy Noodle Soup 江鱼仔面汤底

50g Salt-packed Anchovies 
10g Oil 油
500g + 600g Water 水

Preparation制作:  min分钟 speed 速度
1) Fillet anchovies and discard heads and bones 只取肉,去头,去骨

2) Rinse with running water to get rid of access salt, squeeze dry. 用清水冲洗,挤干

3) Add anchovy and oil to sauté 放入江鱼仔和油爆香
    10 min / V / speed 1.5

4) Add 500g water to cook 加入500克水,煮
    15 min / V / speed 2

5) Pulverize 打磨成浆
    1 min / speed 10

6) Add 600g water to cook 再加入600克水继续煮
    15 min / V / speed 2
7) This will be the anchovy soup base, you may use 200g anchovy soup base + 150g water for a bowl of noodle soup, add salt and pepper to taste. Store soup base in freezer for up to three months. 这是江鱼仔浓上汤,您可以取200克浓上汤+150克水调稀来煮一碗面汤,少许盐和胡椒调味。可以冷冻储藏至三个月。

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Thermomix RecipeJane's Anchovy Noodle Soup 江鱼仔面汤底Ingredients材料:50g Salt-packed Anchovies 江鱼仔干10g Oil 油...
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