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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mango Passion Fruits Sorbet

Having a glass of real fruits sorbet after an awesome dinner.
Indeed this is the measurement that advised from cookbook, however you may vary the level of sugar according to the sweetness of the fruits you are using, 300g to 350g fruits could really give a good texture of sorbet, especially after blend and keep in freezer, they still soft and easy to scrape out. This is what I used.

Jane's Mango Passion fruit sorbet: 

300g Mango + Passion Fruits
700g ice cubes
120g sugar

Blend all in 
1 min / speed 10
In aids of spatula to help blending.

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Here is the recipe template usually I made for my customers only, this is only one of many. Buy Thermomix from me to support my effort! Thanks in advance. 
How to buy a Thermomix / TM5 in Malaysia? Contact Jane Lee 

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