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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Low batt... Lord, recharge me

I know I should not get low, and being emotion about members keep taking and taking..........
No... I have lost my way, what was my initial purpose? Sharing, creating an atmosphere, changing the culture, bringing in positive energy to everyone in the group, I shouldn't be low batt, my focus is wrong as things go by, things didn't please me, didn't come in a friendly and honestly...ways.

I couldn't think, all my mind are filled with bitterness, selfishness creeping in, anger peeping behind a wall, it is waiting for me to say "Hi! You may come out!"

I was discouraged when I finally figured out that a few of members were trying to lie to me, to take advantage from a "new friend", a "passionate and helpful" advisor, I didn't want to think and judge in this way, but things just seemed exactly how I thought... 

I need Holy Spirit to guide me and to grant me wisdom... I am really low batt, Lord, recharge me tonight.

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