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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jane's Chia Sourdough bread

The recent found out for Thermomix users to make sourdough bread, it is more hassle free when I modify the steps to dilute starter with water first than to add starter after the dough is formed. 

Therefore you will find that this recipe is to dilute starter with water in the first step. This makes it easier to blend in. 

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Chia Sourdough bread  

230g Water ( 150g water + 80g milk)
120g Sourdough starter (60% hydration)
360g High protein flour
60g Wholemeal Flour
10g Salt
20g Sugar
20g Chia Seed
80g Hot water


1) Add water and sourdough starter, mix well
    15 sec / 37°C / speed 3

2) Add all flours, salt and sugar to mix
    30 sec / speed 6

3) Continue to knead
    4 min / knead

4) Oil a plastic bag, set aside.

5) Roll dough into ball shape, keep in the plastic, squeeze out air from the bag, secure the bag with rubber band.

6) Let it sit for 1 hour. 

7) Take out dough, press air out after an hour, repeat step 2, go for the first proving, approximately 3 hours. (Or keep in fridge overnight for at least 12 hours)

8) Before take out the dough for second knead and proving, pour the boiling water over the Chia seeds. Stir and set aside the chia gel to cool.

9) On a mat, press air out from dough, pull it long, pat the dough out, spread half of the Chia gel over the dough, flip the dough over, and spread the remaining Chia gel over it. Flip the dough over again and again to incorporate the Chia, but not more as the dough is now loaded with the seeds and is fragile. 

10) Divide into smaller balls, lay two balls in a greased loaf baking pan, keep in the oven for second proving, about 6 hours

11) Preheat oven at 210°C. Put in the loaf pan, spray the loaf and oven with water.
      210°C 10 minutes
      200°C 10 minutes
      180°C 10 minutes

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