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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ten Grains Dessert

美善品万能机食谱 Thermomix Recipe

十谷米糖水 Ten Grains Dessert 

食材 Ingredients:
80g 十谷米 10-grains rice,
30pcs 白果 Gingko
1800g 水 water
1pc 豆腐皮 skin of soybean milk
150g 椰糖 Gula Melaka

1) 放入前面四种食材,煮
    Add first 4 ingredients to cook.
   * 塔上蒸锅,stack up Varoma dish
    20 分min / 100℃ / 逆转Reverse /速度spd 2

2) 加入椰糖,搅拌 Add sugar Melaka, stir
     1 分min /逆转Reverse / 速度spd 2

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