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Monday, December 29, 2014

Thermomix Home cooked chicken Essence

Using Thermomix to homecook chicken essence ( haha this is direct translation) it only take 1/2 hour.  It definitely save time, save work and hassle free. Chicken Essence is essential to those who have just recovered from sicknesses.


Ingredients 材料:
1) Chicken, skinned, chopped, crushed bones. 一只去皮的鸡块,骨剁碎。
2) 1ltr water 一千克 水
3) 2 slices of ginger 两片姜 ( optional随意)

1) Put water into TM, place simmering basket and a bowl in the center. Stack Varoma main dish, lay chicken on it. Cover, steam. 
   30 min / V / speed 2
   30分钟 / V / 速度2
2) Empty the bowl and return the bowl for steaming at 15th minute. 

For English Video click here to watch "How to double boil chicken essence / extract" in YouTube


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