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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Handmade Mitten

Haven't you fed up with the recycle fabric lining in your mitten? I do, it was torn when I did the first washing.

The old mitten that I bought was around RM 12, I noticed the using recycle paper fabric for lining, which means it wears and tears easily. Same to those I could find in the market. I saw a good one in the Curve's Kitchen shop, using cotton lining, selling RM 59, made from cotton canvas, very unique. And I also saw one in 'Sundays', guess how much? It is RM 108, woow! I do believe there are somebody who wants buying it, because of the uniqueness.

It was quite a period of time that couldn't made up my mind to whether buy one new or to sew one, to buy one at RM12 cheap and nice, just the lining part, they year easily after washing. This thought had been in my mind... And they are usually oversize, and rather thin

Finally I made one mitten with my fabric linen yesterday afternoon, the thought just came again while I was baking, as soon as I put in the tray for baking, I have 18 minutes time of waiting, instead I went into store to dig out those thick linen I have, my mind kept turning and imagine the "how-to" sewing steps, phew, it was very busy at that time, I wanted everything to be done quick.

Took down the thick quilt that I bought and never been used long long time ago, because of this thickness I couldn't think of anything I could make from it, it comes to handy now, perfect!

Quickly drew a template on cereal's cardboard box, cut out the template as well as the quilt and lining piece.

Still didn't know what exactly I should do first and not to do. "Alarm Melody" sounded, time to take our milk buns and put in Fig Rye Sourdough loaf, oh yeah very busy day.    

About 2 and a half hour time, it is done. The size was rather small though it fits my hand, I would prefer a little looser for easy put on and take off. Without hesitation, I start the second making mitten, now that I know what I should and should not do.

The second mitten is slightly bigger, this time I used the old mitten I had as template, make it slightly slimmer, I am satisfied with the size as well as the design.

I wander why the mitten that are selling less than RM10, I will prefer to buy than making one. The quilt layer is thick, when they put together they becoming really thick, it requires handsewn running stitch to secure these panels. Awww, the second mitten took me hours to finish, haha, I did it very carefully, using a lot of time on running stitch, they are nice, fit and beautiful.

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