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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bought a Thermomix

Thermomix mega chef, recent investment, has just delivered to me. So excited, couldn't wait to see it, without hesitation, headed to the box, unbox it, took it out carefully, it still look strange to me, washing all parts carefully...
The first thing I want to make is lemonade, the easiest, dry the blades and pot with clean towel.
1)  90g sugar
2)  2 lemons  (just cut both ends )
3)  800 g cold water
1)  Press "scale logo", start weighing, Put in sugar, covered with "WC", press "turbo" for 1-second for 3 times.
2)  Press the "scale logo" again, pour in water. Put in the two lemons, covered with "WC". Press "turbo" for 1-second.
Tadaaah! It is done, strain it with basket.
Enjoy your everyday fresh lemonade.

噢呀,加入 Thermomix - Fervent Thermist 成为Thermomix 顾问,一起建造一个强和关怀的团体。携起手来共同扶持成为最好团体。共同 成长。
Oh yeah, join Thermomix - Fervent Thermist as Thermomix Advisor to building a strong and caring supportive team. We work together and giving full support to fight for a Best Team. Grow together.

Watch Basic Introduction of How to Start Using Thermomix in YouTube that prepared by Jane Lee
In English. Basic info of how to start cooking with Thermomix, including measuring, fixing a butterfly, 5 pins, setting habit before cooking.


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Welcome to join Thermomix Fervent Thermist facebook group
Join me as a working partner to start building your own a home based business, contact me to find out more and how! 

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