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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A surprise gift from Hong Kong

A surprise parcel from childhood friend, who are now married to Hong Kong, thanks so much of this sourdough recipe book, nope, not my birthday, it was a surprise gift. Thanks so much, I loved this book.
She mailed me a cookies recipe book last year, this book also teaches technique for cookies decoration,sadly i haven't tried baking one yet.
Perhaps she saw many photos of sourdough breads posted up in my timeline recently, so thoughtful of her sent me this recipe book.
"Start baking sourdough bread with an apple" the title of this book was  written by a Japanese baker, translated into Mandarin. Recipes were written in small portion though, good enough for small family or individual consumption. Love it.
It teaches us to use apple enzyme to make sourdough starter, I believe fruit sourdough gives extra flavour and enriched the aroma of all breads, and hence without any hesitation I started the apple enzyme 3 days ago, temperature in Malaysia is higher than Japan, I reduce the fermenting period to 4 days instead of 5 days as written.  When I tried to take a sniff this morning, it smells awesomely good, apple enzyme simply richer than ordinary sourdough starter that is only called for water and flour.  I will have to come back and check it out tomorrow.
Just can't wait....

The cover of "Start baking sourdough bread with an apple"

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