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Monday, March 24, 2014

Prideful me, sorry!

Prideful is really the evil I have been combating with, not that somebody told me  , it takes a very establishEd relationship to be able to hear a truthful comment from oneself.  It is also what I realized long ago and still sometimes loose guard of this evil character of mine.

I never wanted to accept this truth of it is already in me, argh! (scratching my head) But I believe self-examine is the first step to overcome this flaw (though I made this "first step" many times). ;p

I feel bad every time I over reacted with this character, though closed friends have noticed my improvement, I wish I could do better to at least get rid of it.

Trust me, I never wanted to do this to hurt you.
What a prideful me, I dislike this side of me.

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