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Sunday, June 23, 2013

DEng~ failed . it's OK!

Blessed Day! Though it is a hazy hot day, nothing changed my heart of worship.

Today is SCF Youth Sunday, we have a practice in SCF, which we will have Youth Sunday every two months, KK Sunday in every 3 months, this allow all members of the church from young to old worship together as a family.

When in KK Sunday, KK (Kingdom KIdz Ministry) will have to arrange everything from praise and worship including children leading; Sermon speaker; programs if there are some like dancing, Bible memory works, singing, or skit.

Children in KK will have to take charge of the flow. Ushering; Cleaning; Sound checks; Musicians; Psalmists; Projector; Slide Show and so on... This has allowed them to serve from young age.

Youth Sunday, KRG (Kingdom Rock Generation) will plan everything. Today was also the first time I gathered all violinists to form a Strings Ministry.... sounds great, isn't it? There were only 4 of us, haha.

We had a rehearsal yesterday, it was actually quite messy, Sophia is from JB FGC, she had experienced playing in their praise and worship, and we roughly know how it will go. After that mess, we will all have to gather in one room to discuss of the flow, the intro, the parts for who will play high notes and low notes. It was quite tiring though, but getting booster now!

Thankful that Samuel came in to help us, he is a great musician, he has a pair of good ears, he listened and suggested some good ideas. He knew praise and worship songs well, he knew how could give the song a richer harmony. With his help, ease everything SO SO Much loh!

Though there some problem with microphone this morning during the first two songs, sounds didn't project out, that was due to we 'rearrange our standing position and moved the mic where we wanted. Really were our fault....someone do not know much about mic....... DEng~ failed.

Paul came to me after church, gave me a short lesson on the mic we will use in future, at least now we know what we need to do in future in order to avoid or to repeat our mistake again. It's OK!

Well, all things do work for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose, praise the Lord!

During lunch time, I heard feedback from a few brothers and sisters, they were so excited to see our praise and worship now include strings, it gives the feeling of having a 'classy' team, man!! Thanks so much, haha.

One said it really gave a kind of 'feeling' during communion time. Awww.... so encouraging!

Next! What I have to do is to write those violin parts that we played, put music down in notes, upload it for all who needs to play in their Strings Ministry could download for free. We only have violin parts for now, am proclaiming more will join in! We at least are now READY!

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