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Friday, April 19, 2013

Lady Wallet - I've made it!

I have bought this wallet kit from Anna patchwork located in Pyramid two years ago, planed to take up a lesson to make it. 
Due to many sewing projects during that time, this plan had been procrastinated, till yesterday, I dug out this packet, saw the shop name where I bought it from, google searched it's blogs and photos, also found this wallet, I thought of giving them a call to schedule a time to learn how to sew it. 

On second thought, I can just sew it my way! Take up pencil and sewing notebook, jot down the measurements I have gotten from this wallet kit, use the measurement I did for Boyz Wallet, this and that...

I am now done sewing this lady wallet. 

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Check out the measurements and materials I have used in this project.

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