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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Praying in action

Prayer is the most powerful weapon God has given to us, never have power shortage, connection interruption and sending failure, as He is faithful to all His promises.

Some people like praying the same thing over and over again, I call it 'nagging', I don't know whether am I consider a lack-of-faith, or strong-faith, I don't like nagging, imagine Gab nagging me the same thing everyday, that will make me angry and frustrated, at least I know I will, hence I don't nag God.

Not that I don't pray, I pray every day, I give thanks to God every little things, I praise Him,  I just seldom ask, usually I proclaim (hehehe, I think I am desperate), but once I made the prayer, I will just LET GOD, meaning I do my part and wait till the time comes, I don't know am I consider lack-of-faith or strong-faith, I know God always give the best and His time is always perfect, and so I don't frame His Al-mightiness, and restriction, meaning instead of telling God what you want  specifically, mind you He will always give what you ask!! And often I hear friend's sharing, they miss something in their prayer, so their 'getting' becomes a joke. I let God does His wonderful and miracle in my prayer, in this case, I will always accept what I get and what I have (sometimes I feel sour, but I usually ended up praising Him and thankful for what I have got).

Even though I stopped praying for about two years, I trust His faithfulness.

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