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Monday, March 26, 2012

Alphabet Quilting progression

 Quilting is what I love to learn from long long time ago, at last I have the chance to get started.

First quilting project is 'Alphabet Quilt'. Very excited about it. The progression is a pathetic truth I don't want to mention it, it was started two weeks ago, I remembered in my first class, I asked teacher how long can we finish this project, she said some took three weeks, I didn't believe it and I told her I am going to finish it in one week time.

Well.... at least I know why quilts are selling quilt at  high price!

It's darn difficult! Trace those patterns, cut templates, iron-on, choosing fabrics for each of the alphabet as well as base, trim the edges, paste on the the templates bla bla bla..... after three weeks.... I am still doing this, well part of the reason because I was very busy with baking projects and other sewing project like mother's day bag and pouches.

Add oil to me!!!
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