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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 stones

This is our young time game, playing with friends in the class room, while waiting for teacher, during recess time, click here to read how to play this game.

I take this set of 5 stones I sewed recently, to ask Gab if he's seen anyone playing it in school, he said 'Nope', and I asked Alycia if she sees it too, she said 'Nope'.

And I asked most of my students too, only one or two from kebangsaan school knew how to play them. Sigh, I guess, Chinese school children are too busy with their homework.

I decided to 'revival' this game in Gab's school, first of all, I need to teach him playing it. Start from him, of course, I want him to sell this for me too! haha. Chicky...chicky mom!

5 stone sack

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