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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Mom, will you pray for me?"

 I heard Gab playing some musics from Youtube when I was taking my shower yesterday night, some kind of like rock music, I started to worry about the songs he chose to listen, my heart was troubled at that moment, as soon as finishing my shower, I tried to think of a better way to approach him.

I went to him:"Gab, what are you listening?" I looked at the video, it was a video clip about Sonic, then I told him in a soft voice: "Do you know, some of the songs are not suitable for children?"

He said:"Yes, I know, I listened to the lyrics, when I hear something bad words, I will close the page."

I am glad he listens to not only the music but the lyrics, I kissed him and encouraged him that he did well.
Later the night, he asked in a soft voice: "mom, if I have fear in me, will you pray for me?”

"Of course I will pray for you" I assured him that, "what is your problem?"

"I watched a scary zombie scene in Xbox game, I am very scare of those pictures..."

"Mm, I know, go for the wash-up, mommy will pray for you in the room" he went off for the wash-up"

Soon enough we went into our room, I kissed him and patted him.

"Ok, some of the games are not meant for children too (he nodded his head),
those are the things that devil creates to steal away our peace and joy in God, we have to be sensitive enough, and strong enough to say 'No'; they are not real, right? ( he nodded his head)"

Then I prayed for him.

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