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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gab's fever

Gab is having fever since last Sunday, he rested on Monday and Tuesday, I forced him to go to school on Wednesday, thinking of him should have taken enough rest, but he came home with fever again, decided to let him to take another day of rest on Thursday, Friday was a public holiday, he seems still having light fever till now.

Gab told me he took a nap in Wednesday morning while teacher was still teaching, I asked: 'Was teacher mad at him? Did you get scolded?' He said no, because teacher explained to class student that he was not feeling well.

Pastor Jacinta passed me a packet of ‘Dried Raspberry Roselle' and a packet of honey rock sugar, instructed me how to boil it, and she said it is a remedy from a granny that she used it for her son during his growing teenage time, it helps to release the suffering from hormone changes. Preferably once for a fortnight.

I made my 2nd time of boiling Raspberry Roselle syrup, Gab likes to drink this, and I gave some to Alycia, glad that she loves it too. 'Dried Raspberry Roselle' is brought back from S'pore by Lynn (daughter of Pastor Jacinta), and I am sure will ask my sister to help me to get more of those.

Thursday night, while I was home with my mentor Moi Lang from visiting mom in Sunway Medical Center, I've got a sms from Gab's primary teacher Miss Lim, she sent me the pages and things Gab has to do as his homework, and left a short message of love, she wrote: "先让他休息,等他康复了,再让他补做!因为明天没上课,他有三天的假期嘛! :-) Let him take a rest, he may do this after he has total recovery! As tomorrow is a holiday, he has got a three-day holiday! :-) " The moment Moi Lang read the message, she felt good about the action that Miss Lim has done, so do I.

I am grateful for her kindness and care, I told Gab about her deed, and thank God for this form teacher.

Dedicated to 子文华小 3W 班主任 林老师

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