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Thursday, January 24, 2019

What is Kangen?

Here is a short video clip that made by my brother-in-law, Hansen, he is independent distributor of Enagic Singapore, for friends who are from Singapore may contact him via facebook Hansen Tingang for more assistance.

Ever since I fix an unit of Enagic Kangen ionizer for my own, I continuously learning more about the wonder of this Kangen Water®, I have never stopped watching Youtube and learning more about Kangen Water from professors and doctors, they are great scientists who have spent years to study what we always thought it is simply WATER, but it isn't. 

It can be as complicated as it is!  However, scientific explanations and findings are helpful, but most of all those we already start drinking and believe the simple truth is Kangen Water® can help to improve their health, they are blessed with simple mind. 

Hope you enjoy the short video with soothing music, leading you through with a few tests with text that helps you to understand more of it. Enjoy.                           

自从在我家安装一台Enagic 还原水机后,不断地去学习更多关于还原水的神奇,不中断地在Youtube 管道向科学家,博士们,医生们学习,他们甚至花了一生的时间研究我们习以为常,很简单的 “水”,其实不然。


这一个短视是在新加坡的姐夫编制的,以几个简单的示范配上缓和的音乐带你去了解什么是Kangen 还原水。

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