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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Braise pork ribs meehoon

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Braised Ribs Meehoon 排骨炒米粉

Ingredients 材料 A
10 cloves Garlic颗蒜头
20g Coconut Oil 椰油
1 tsp Sesame Oil 麻油

Ingredient 材料 B 
250g Ribs 排骨
400g Water 水
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce 汤匙耗油
3 tsp Dark Soy 黑酱油
1/2 tbsp Homemade Chicken Stock Powder (or salt) 自制鸡精粉 或 盐

Ingredient 材料 C
150g Meehoon, rinsed and slightly soften 米粉,过水稍微软化
100g Veggie 菜

Preparation 作法

1) Chop garlic 剁碎蒜米
    mc / 5 sec 秒 / speed 速度 5

2) Scrape down and add cooking oil and sesame oil to saute 刮下,下油和麻油爆香
    mc / 4 min 分钟 / V / spoon 匙速

3) Add B, braise 下材料 B 焖煮
    mc 量杯 / 18 min 分钟 / V / Rev 逆转 / spoon 匙速

4) Add meehoon stir with chopsticks, place veggie to cook 加入米粉并用筷子稍微拌匀,下菜烹煮
    mc / 3 min 分钟 / V / R 逆转 / spoon 匙速

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