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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Traditional Can Opener

This is the outlook of a traditional can opener in Malaysia, got it at RM3.80. I do have another bulky type of can opener, I need one of this traditional can opener for an ultimate purpose which many still do not know what it is for. 

There is a friend asking me what is the use of the sharp head in this can opener, mmm..... I was rather amazed that there are people living in Malaysia do not know this ultimate function.

I love Teh-C, tea + sugar + evaporated milk = Teh-C 

There is a special way to open an evaporated milk can, to open it, you need this traditional can opener, may be I am rather particular, haha somehow I prefer this way.

 Place the sharp head on the surface of the can, make sure the 'hook' is hooked up to the can rim, act as a supporting point.
Once is hooked, lift the handle while presure the sharp point.


 For smooth pouring, you need another open point right opposite of the opening.
Do another time 

I love drinking barley with evaporated milk, this we called Barley with milk

Yum Yum ~ <3 p="">

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