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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dragonfly Lover


you don't appreciate nectar  like butterflies do,

you can 't make honey out from pollen,

I know,

you don't have beautiful wings,

but they are strong, fast,

you hover, you fly backward unlike others.

I see your uniqueness, clearly.... without missing each of the goodness.

I know,

you are not in the rushing of doing anything,

you live in the water for a year before you could fly.


don't you know me?

Heart, my precious fine silk

every seam I have sewn onto here,

my affection abounds all the more toward you;

How could I explain this feeling?

delusion, illusion,

confusion, hence dilution,

that's why you are beautiful,


 that's why I love you.

Dragonfly lover~

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